Pike’s Pony Car

By Erin Coldewey. Auto shows come in all shapes and sizes. Car lovers can scope out the latest makes and models, score promotional swag or marvel at the pristine condition of some of the most iconic cars to ever grace the pavement. But regardless of how much you know about technical specifications, engines or classic […]


New in Car Tech

By Michele Chiappetta. The Latest Innovations That Could Make Your Drive Time Better. If you’ve seen science fiction movies and children’s cartoons from the 1950s, you may recall the cool future technology they promised. Artificial intelligence, smart homes, pill-sized meals and flying cars were part of the vision people had of the new millennium. Sixty-odd […]


Summer Sightseeing in the Southeast

By Amanda Bowman. In the winter 2015 issue, I planned a few exhilarating trips to take in the Southwest United States. For this issue, I’m taking a tour of the Southeast U.S. I’ve broken down four possible trips, navigating through three states in each. Trip No. 1 will take you through Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. […]


The A, B, Zs of Zinc

By Lauren Henderson. The relationship we have with our vehicles is a good deal. Think about it, we promise to keep them running like the day we drove them off the lot and they return the favor by toting us around. But what about the relationship your vehicle has with the motor oil you feed […]


Total Engine Protection

All vehicles are different. Even vehicles coming successively off the assembly line will have subtle differences in build characteristics. However, some vehicles can suffer from the adverse effect of performance-robbing gunk, fuel system corrosion and engine wear. Dozens of car brands, from BMW, Range Rover and Audi to Volkswagen, Honda, and Subaru, are on Edmund’s […]


A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Your Vehicle for Towing

By Lauren Henderson. One step, one breath, one moment at a time—that’s what it takes to hike a mountain. Experienced backpackers spend months, sometimes even years, preparing their bodies and minds for legendary trails like Devil’s Path in New York’s Catskill Mountains, Paintbrush Canyon in Wyoming and The Three Apostles in Colorado. Hikers meticulously fill […]


Safe Keeping

By Amanda Bowman. Why You Should Hang on to Your Service Records. We all hang on to mementos and items that have special meaning to us. Parents hang on to their child’s first drawing, report cards, a lock of hair from their first haircut and even the first tooth they lose. You might have an […]