The Battle on Wolf Mountain

By Amanda Bowman Blanketed in the purest of white snow, the Canadian Rockies stand like a colossus. Untouched and unimpeded by mankind, there’s only the mountain and nature. The eerie stillness is suddenly interrupted by an intrepid — albeit not by choice — man who goes by the name Richard Hammond. Hammond is one of the […]


Does Superman Need an Upgrade?

By Lauren Henderson Nobody questions the man of steel — except for maybe Lois Lane — but what about a man of aluminum? Pickup trucks are designed to be modern workhorses — reliable, powerful and easier to care for than a pair of steeds. When the 2015 Ford F-150 was released at the Detroit Auto […]


The Wednesday Guy

By Erin Coldewey When I got to the auto show, the build was already underway. The car was wrapped in a matte red vinyl finish, the interior was being stitched and Tommy Pike and his build crew were hard at work, fully customizing a 2015 Mustang — completing several weeks worth of work in just […]

Dog road trip

The Perfect Temperature

Make sure your engine is ready for climate changes. By Lauren Henderson When things outside turn from gray to green, it’s time for hats and mittens to rotate back to the bottom dresser drawer and thermostat dials to move from the red zone to blue.  The new buds on the trees and warmer temperatures mean […]

Bikers First-person view

Once is Not Enough

By Erin Coldewey In a small town, everyone is a little like family whether you like it or not. You know all of your neighbors and most of their business, you make small talk in grocery store aisles and see the same faces on the first day of school each year from preschool until high […]


The Call of the Open Road

Unsung: A life in the day of hard work. By Amanda Bowman Many hear the call of the open road, but few answer. It can be a lonesome journey, and it takes a strong person to heed the call and travel onward. One man who heard the wind whispering his name is Terry Ford. Ford […]


Too Fancy for Your Budget?

By Lauren Henderson We’ve all thought it as we squeezed through the first class cabin on our way to find our seat in coach, “Must be nice!” Trust me, after you’ve cleaned your hands with a warm towel served off a polished silver platter and had a round or two of your favorite adult beverage […]

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A NEW CAR BUYING OPTION: Manufacturer-Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

By Amanda Bowman Life is more fun when you have options.  Whether you’re choosing how you want your steak cooked, what outfit to wear or if you want to put on sweatpants and relax, it’s nice to have choices. Doing the same thing every day gets boring and tired. Be spontaneous every once in a while […]