A “Something” For Every Job

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Before you start the project of spring cleaning your car, you’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate tools for the job. Of course you’ll need the obvious bucket of water and suds, as well as wax and other car appearance products if you choose to go that far. To make sure you don’t forget anything, here are five tools to have on-hand. Doing so will help you sail through spring cleaning in no time.

Something Soft

You’ll want something soft, like a chenille mitt or a natural sea sponge, for washing your car. Many pads or mitts designed especially for carwashing even have filaments that draw dirt and grime away from the surface.

Something Rigid

Chances are there are some stuck-on bugs, bird droppings or tree sap on your ride. That’s why you want to have something rigid, such as a bristled brush (but not a wire brush!) or scrubbing pad, to help get those pesky things unstuck from your car’s finish.

Something Sticky

If you’re cleaning the inside of your car, you might have pet hair stuck to the upholstery, crumbs in the nooks and crannies, or your four-year-old’s crackers trapped under your seat. There are several tools available to help make these cleanup jobs easier. Whether it be a lint roller, cleaning putty or a vacuum, having the right tool will help save you a headache—and maybe a backache.

Something Black, White and Read All Over

Next time you read the Sunday paper, rescue a few sheets from the recycle bin to use when spring cleaning your car. Try polishing your car’s glass with newspaper. It won’t leave behind lint, and the ink acts as a polish on already dry glass.